Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic Addresses Recent Outbreak of Canine Influenza in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dog owners should understand the importance of getting their dogs vaccinated to prevent canine influenza and avoid potential deaths of beloved pets. After recent outbreaks of canine influenza in LA and that in Chicago last year, Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic recommends that vaccination should be a priority for pet owners. Dogs need to get both doses of the vaccine, three weeks apart, to benefit from full protection against the influenza virus. While there currently isn’t any indication that canine influenza will result in an epidemic in LA, dog owners need to know how to take steps to protect their pet from contracting the virus and associated infection.
Canine influenza is highly contagious and often results in a potentially deadly infection from the virus. On March 31, 2017, Veterinary Public Health was alerted to the possibility of a respiratory outbreak in imported dogs that had tested positive for canine influenza H3N2, one strain of the virus. All dogs associated with the LA outbreak have been placed under quarantine and further tests are pending. Dogs are susceptible to contracting canine influenza when in close contact with an infected animal.“The word is out on the recent canine influenza outbreak in LA. Rest assured that Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic has the vaccine,” said Dr. White. “The best action to take at this time is to have pets in for a vaccination to protect against canine influenza. The outbreak in Chicago last year was scary for many pet owners and vets could be seen doing exams in the parking lot in cars in efforts to prevent the spread of the disease. Given what happened in Chicago last year, and how quickly getting all dogs vaccinated helped to control the problem, I do feel that vaccinating pets is a very good idea.”Concerned pet owners should get dogs in quickly for their vaccination. Remember that the vaccine itself requires two doses, three weeks apart. After that, a dog needs an annual vaccine update. A dog is not fully protected for 6-8 weeks after the initial dose, and only receives complete protection with the second dose. Any dog that has already been infected should be kept in isolation for three weeks.Dr. White of Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic serves residents of Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas. The staff at this full-service veterinary clinic offers skilled and compassionate veterinary services to beloved pets and their owners. Services for dogs, cats, small mammals, and avian patients include vaccinations, veterinary medical care, dental care, surgery, preventative and wellness care, and routine medical care.Call (323) 936-6952 to learn more about canine influenza or to schedule a vaccination. Visit http://hancockparkvetclinic.com/ for more details.Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic
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