Online Discount Retailer Vipshop Released Its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014

GUANGZHOU, China, Dec, 31, 2015 / — Vipshop Holdings Limited (, NYSE: VIPS), the world’s largest Flash Sales online discount retailer of brand-named products, today released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014. The report covers the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of Vipshop as of December 31, 2014, showcasing the company’s practices and accomplishments in terms of social responsibilities, including consumer protection, industry development, environmental initiatives, social contribution, and philanthropy, etc. Focusing on the unique “genuine product + discount price” business model, Vipshop has become the world’s largest online discount retailer. It now has over 100 million registered users, and also leads the industry with 80 percent of the sales coming from mobile online shoppers. The report says that in the “Internet+” era social-economic forms and people’s shopping habits will be reshaped, and Vipshop will adhere to its unique model of selling selected genuine products at discount prices through “Flash Sales” to embrace the growing demands from consumers, to help build a win-win and sustainable ecosystem, and to provide better online shopping experiences for consumers.

Focusing on consumer protection, Vipshop already has more than 100 million registered members

With the widespread adoption of online shopping and the continuous growth of consumption, consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of products. Since its inception, Vipshop has been strictly controlling processes such as brand reviewing, brand licensing, certified product procurement, and savvy price comparison. In addition to the quality inspection prior products entering warehouse, Vipshop also guarantees that the products are genuine by purchasing a fake-proof insurance for each product sold on its website from China Pacific Insurance, as another layer of protection for its members.

Furthermore, Vipshop is striving to enhance the protection of its member’s privacy and to protect the interests of consumers by improving its technical capabilities. Meanwhile, Vipshop has also set up Assets Protection Department to assist the authorities, including the police, the economic crime investigation agency, and the Internet surveillance agency, in cracking down on illegal activities such as attempts in seeking improper benefits from its members in the name of Vipshop.

Thanks to its unique Flash Sales model and its focus on consumer protection, Vipshop has been able to acquire more than 100 million high-quality registered members in less than seven years, setting up a threshold within the industry of e-commence.

Boosting industry’s healthy development through unique Flash Sales model

To date, the Flash Sales model represented by Vipshop has become one of the three mainstream business forms in China’s e-commerce sector. In September 2014, Vipshop teamed up with multiple companies to sign a memo with the customs to officially launch the “Global Flash Sales” business (which has now been renamed the “Overseas Selection”). With that, Vipshop has become China’s first e-commerce platform connected with the customs for the information with all the three forms–order forms, waybills and payment forms, providing a convenient cross-border online shopping experience of “certified products guarantee, international products, free international shipping, and a fixed price” to its 100 million members.

By focusing on the Flash Sales discount market, Vipshop has amassed more than 13,000 partner brands, of which over 1,600 are exclusive partner brands. While working together to meet the growing consumption demands, they are also driving for a healthier development of the e-commerce industry as well as upstream and downstream players in the ecosystem. By providing big-data analyses including real-time sales data, historical sales data, and competition sales data etc., Vipshop offers specific and personalized services for brands of different categories and at different levels, to explore a mutually beneficial, win-win, and sustainable model for cooperation.

In the meantime, Vipshop has collaborated with four universities in e-commerce technology, bringing together academic and business resources to protect intellectual property rights on the Internet. Vipshopalso teamed up with seven other e-commerce companies to establish the Guangzhou Electronic Commerce Industry Association, helping to promote the exchange and rule-based development of the e-commerce industry in Guangzhou. 

While promoting the healthy and orderly development of its partner brands and the entire e-commerce industry, Vipshop is also striving to improve the “last mile” delivery service on an ongoing basis. The intention is to provide a complete high-quality closed-loop shopping experience for consumers, to drive sustainable development of its logistics partners, and to achieve a win-win result for all the stakeholders including the company itself, the consumers, the partners, and the local regions–in terms of its economic growth.

In cooperation with its logistics partners, Vipshop firstly guarantees enough business to them to make sure that the logistics partners can have sizable revenue to maintain a healthy development. Vipshop collaborates with its partners in fair and ethical manner. In an environment where e-commerce companies are generally lowering their payment to the logistics service Providers, Vipshop has again increased its payment to the “last mile” carriers to 6.5 Yuan/order, and has been also providing all-round supports for the carriers including funding, technical support, and personal training. Correspondingly, Vipshop requires that carriers make fast and accurate deliveries right to the doorstep of the customers and use standard courteous languages to the customers. This will help to form a virtuous circle, to ensure the sustainable development of the carriers themselves while providing quality services for the members of Vipshop.

While improving the quality of delivery and consumer satisfaction, Vipshop believes that, by improving its supply chain system, in particular the warehousing and delivery system, it can create abundant job opportunities for the local regions and provide a great help for the development of the surrounding areas too. For example, the North China logistics center of Vipshop is located in a remote rural area, and 50 percent of the warehousing employees are from the local residents. At the same time, Vipshop has been collaborating with local vocational schools through its own warehouses, providing internships and on-job training positions as well as participating in teaching activities, etc., to contribute to the job creation and logistics development in the local regions as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Protecting environment through green operation

While achieving a strong growth in business, Vipshop is also fulfilling its social responsibility on various fronts, to actively promote green working, green sourcing, and green warehousing, and to strive to reduce its environmental impact. 

Vipshop has created a green work environment. It advocates green working in day-to-day operations and adheres to the low-carbon and energy-efficient work styles on a long-term basis. While lowering the company’s operation cost, this has also saved resources and reduced environmental pollution. Vipshop has also established the green sourcing standard, giving priority to purchasing environment-friendly, energy-efficient and low-power products.

In the warehousing and transportation operations where it’s the easiest to produce pollution, Vipshop optimizes the warehousing and transportation supply chain from aspects including delivery vehicle procurement, delivery route design, and product packaging, to achieve the highest transportation efficiency through the shortest route and the smallest amount of energy, so as to minimize the environmental impact from the company’s operations.

Giving back to the society, Vipshop strives in Philanthropy

The report indicates that, while growing its business, Vipshop has never forgotten to give back to the society. In 2011, Vipshop became the first e-commerce company to launch its own foundation, the Vipshop Foundation (i.e. the “Vipshop 365 Love Fund”). The Foundation is dedicated to sustainable programs focusing on areas of great concern to the public, providing help for children who have dropped out of school, people who are living in poverty or with major illness, and seniors who are widowed or living alone, as well as natural disaster relief. The Foundation will continue to support charitable and philanthropic endeavors in the future.

The charitable programs launched by Vipshop cover regions including Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Jiangsu etc. As of December 2014, the Vipshop Foundation had donated more than RMB13 million to the society, helped to build 6 Vipshop Elementary Schools and 1 Vipshop Kindergarten in Ya’an, donated 33 thousand pieces of materials, and provided help for more than 30 thousand people.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014 of Vipshop released this time has demonstrated the importance of corporate social responsibility to Vipshop as the world’s largest Flash Sales online discount retailer. In the future, e-commerce still has a tremendous room for growth, and Vipshop will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and strive to achieve a win-win result for consumers, for the industry and for the society, to make a better future.

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Online Discount Retailer Vipshop Released Its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014

The Stratford Condominium Association, Managed by DK Condo, Selects Chicago Based Everywhere Wireless for its Gigabit+ Internet Service

    CHICAGO, IL, December 31, 2015 / — The Stratford Condominium Association, a choice of medical district professionals on the increasingly popular Near South Side, now offers Everywhere Wireless due to the continued and increasing demands for faster, more reliable Internet from its professional residents who do everything from medical research to visual arts online. Due to dated telephone wiring, Everywhere Wireless installed new Gigabit Ethernet cabling to every residential unit throughout the building; a total of 206, at a cost of $0 upfront to the condominium association. Everywhere Wireless also provided free Wi-Fi in the common areas.

“Everywhere Wireless outperformed our expectations. Communication was great and the Stratford Condominium Association is looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial business relationship with a quality company such as Everywhere Wireless,” said Paul Patras, Community Manager of DK Condo. “It isn’t often you get to work with a company who is ahead of schedule and under budget when delivering their services.”

The Stratford, built in 1972, features 25 stories of urban living with large open layouts. It’s nestled near a variety of highways and transportation options. It’s become increasingly popular for city dwellers who are looking to get more space for their money, yet want an easy commute to the Loop and surrounding area.

Everywhere Wireless’ Internet solution provides each residential apartment with an Internet package with 25 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload, allowing residents to upgrade their speeds if desired.

“We’re starting to see a telecom renaissance of sorts, with the trend of older properties starting to upgrade their dated phone wiring with cabling such as CAT6, as installed here, capable of 10,000 Mbps and virtually future-proof.” said Marvin Hossain, Director of Business Development at Everywhere Wireless. “The Stratford is set as Ethernet Internet solutions like this aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

For more information, visit or call (866) 923-0982.

Everywhere Wireless owns and manages a Chicago-based Gigabit Internet Network, designed for multi-family communities and businesses, some of which include Cisco, CBS, Nike, Google and Chicago’s Art Institute. Everywhere Wireless delivers free Wi-Fi to many of Chicago’s beaches and parks — adding two more at 31st and 57th streets this last summer — through a partnership with the City of Chicago. Also, Everywhere Wireless recently partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association to further extend the company’s network while supporting Alzheimer’s research, as described on its GoFundMe Page. EW’s network offers speeds of more than 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps), also known as Gigabit speeds.

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The Stratford Condominium Association, Managed by DK Condo, Selects Chicago Based Everywhere Wireless for its Gigabit+ Internet Service

Brian Aull, Author Of ‘The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy’, Chosen As One Of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’

    WILMINGTON, NC, December 31, 2015 / — Author Brian Aull has been chosen as a winner in the ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Book Awards’. His book, ‘The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy’, offers solutions to the problems that threaten American democracy. At the same time, it takes a fresh approach to issues and bridges the divide between liberals and conservatives.

The best books on politics sometimes come from authors who are not “experts.” ‘The Triad’, authored by an engineer, is a case in point. Aull offers a vision of what a healthy democracy looks like, and proposes practical steps that citizens can take to get us there. Bridging the divide between liberals and conservatives he advocates three civic virtues: service, learning, and community building. Civic engagement based on these virtues is the key to changing the perverse incentives that lead to partisan gridlock, media bias, and political corruption. Applying these insights to specific issues, he points a path to widely shared prosperity, universal quality education, progress on race in America, the healing of the rift between science and religion, and American leadership for human rights and democratic values worldwide.

‘The Triad’ is not another book about politics. While other books about politics or political science study the system’s failures, Aull’s book proposes actions to promote the renewal of democratic life in the United States.

“Right now, the United States faces all these social problems while its political process is corrupted and there’s a climate of divisiveness and distrust,” Aull stated. “I am grateful to receive the 50 Great Writers award, and hope it will help me inspire my readers to the new level of citizenship that is now needed. There are no easy ‘diet pill’ fixes. As citizens, we need to see ourselves as the sources of solutions. Starting locally, we need to have conversations aimed at learning from each other rather than winning an argument. We need more than just civility, but respect and kindness. And we need to build civic relationships that bridge divides such as race and class.”

Aull explains the three virtues referred to in the book’s subtitle:

1. Democracy is often defined in terms of what we each get from the system. A society is considered “democratic” if each citizen gets a fair slice of the “pie” in terms of public benefits. A healthy democracy, however, is just as much about what each of us contributes to the well being of the society. This is an ethic of service, that is, each citizen takes ownership of his or her role as a source of solutions to problems.

2. Democracy is often defined in terms of having one’s voice heard. But little attention is paid to the quality of the discourse. It might be an angry shouting match, but it’s “democratic” if everyone is equally loud. A healthy democracy, however, has discourse in which people seek to gain insight from each other and discover solutions in a collaborative spirit. This is an ethic of civic learning.

3. Democracy is often defined as a system that protects the freedom of the individual. This is legitimate, but the exaltation of individualism causes us to overlook the power of community. When we build networks of relationships, and especially when they bridge divides such as race or class, something powerful happens. People are different, but they work together in a way that draws on diverse talents and resources.

“The renewal of democratic life is based on these three civic virtues: service, learning, and community,” Aull stated. “‘The Triad’ presents real-world examples where the exercise of these virtues contributed to successful problem solving.”

‘The Triad’ has received praise from a number of reviewers. Terrence Metz, Founding Principle and Partner at Morgan Madison and Company said the book is, “A wonderful approach about how to live in a democracy . . . any democracy.” Peter Levine at Tufts University stated that ‘The Triad’ is “movingly and impressively written.” Badi Foster of Northwestern’s Buffett Institute said that the book “helps us have the kinds of conversations that heal rather than divide the nation.”

Brian Aull is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at ‘The Triad’ is available at Amazon. More information is available at his website at

Brian Aull is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He studied electrical engineering at Purdue University and then at MIT, earning his Ph.D. in 1985. Since then, he has worked as a staff scientist at MIT developing solid-state image sensors. He is also a passionate educator, teaching electrical engineering courses at Tufts University. He spent one year as a visiting professor at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

A resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, he is active in the local community. He served on the boards of the Cambridge Peace Commission and the Coalition for a Strong United Nations. He has taught spiritual education classes for children living in Cambridge. The Triad was inspired in part by his many conversations with residents and local activists.

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Brian Aull, Author Of 'The Triad: Three Civic Virtues That Could Save American Democracy', Chosen As One Of '50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading'

Career Step Taps Laurie A. McBrierty as Vice President of Corporate Training

    PROVO, UT, December 31, 2015 / — Career Step, an online Provider of career-focused education and corporate training, has appointed Laurie A. McBrierty to serve as its Vice President of Corporate Training. In this role, Ms. McBrierty will drive the development of Career Step product set, with particular emphasis on offerings and positioning within the company’s Corporate Training division.

“We are very excited to have Laurie on board,” said Steve Tober, Career Step President and CEO. “She brings a wealth of experience in healthcare, health information management and product management. We have already seen positive results from her strategic and focused approach.”

Ms. McBrierty has nearly 30 years of experience working in healthcare information systems and has held a number of executive positions in product development and management. Prior to joining Career Step, Ms. McBrierty held positions at xG Health Solutions, WellPoint, Resolution Health, QuadraMed, Kaiser Permanente, SoftMed, 3M Health Information Systems and Stanford Health Services.

A recognized leader in health information management, Ms. McBrierty served on the American Health Information management Association’s (AHIMA) Foundation of Research and Education (FORE) Board of Directors and on the AHIMA Virtual Laboratory Strategic Advisory Committee. She has also been published in the Journal of AHIMA and a number of other healthcare IT trade publications.

“With Laurie’s market focus and broad healthcare experience we will build better solutions for our corporate clients,” said Mike Hodgson, Career Step Executive Vice President of Healthcare Products and Partnerships. “Her perspective will enable us to grow our Corporate Training division by empowering our clients with the educational tools they need to be successful.”

Career Step has educated more than 100,000 learners in multiple allied health fields over its 22 year history, successfully placing 84 percent of its graduates with over 900 employers. The Corporate Training division has educated more than 8,000 health information management professionals with documented successful outcomes for clients.

To learn more about Career Step’s corporate training offerings, visit

About Career Step
Career Step, an online provider of career-focused healthcare education and corporate training, has trained over 100,000 students, has more than 150 partnerships with colleges and universities nationwide, and has educated more than 8,000 health information professionals through its Corporate Training Division. Career Step provides training for several of the largest and most respected healthcare employers in the nation and is committed to helping students and corporate employees alike gain the skills they need to be successful in the workplace, improving lives and business results through education. More information can be found at or 1-800-246-7836.

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Career Step Taps Laurie A. McBrierty as Vice President of Corporate Training

Serabi Gold Plc ("Serabi" or the "Company") US$5 million convertible loan facility

LONDON, Dec. 31, 2015 / — Serabi Gold plc (AIM:SRB, TSX:SBI), the Brazilian focused gold mining and development company, announces that Fratelli Investments Limited (“Fratelli Investments“), the Company’s major shareholder, has agreed to provide an interim unsecured short term working capital convertible loan facility of US$5 million (equivalent to approximately UK£3.3 million) (the “Loan“) to the Company to provide additional working capital facilities.Mike Hodgson, CEO said:“Serabi is a high grade gold producer, targeting to achieve lower than average All-in Sustaining Costs per ounce, and this is critical, faced as we are, with the recent weakness in the gold price. As with all gold producers, we are facing strong economic headwinds, all at a time whilst the Company has continuing commitments for increasing throughput through the process plant as well as development expenditure to bring the Sao Chico Mine into full production. This has restricted the Company’s ability to build up its cash reserves. To ensure we can remain on track with our expansion and development plans, this convertible loan facility, kindly provided to us by our major shareholder gives the Company the ability to complete its current development programmes by the early part of the second quarter of 2016 and thus achieve optimal gold production rates as quickly as possible. We do not anticipate that it will be necessary to draw down the full extent of the convertible loan facility”.The Loan is for a period expiring on 31 January 2017 and for a maximum of US$5 million. The facility may be drawn-down in up to three separate instalments of an initial US$2 million and two further installments of US$1.5 million each. The Loan is available to be used at any time up to 30 June 2016. Interest is chargeable at the rate of 12% per annum. There is no prepayment penalty or arrangement fee. The Loan is unsecured and subordinated to the Company’s existing loan facilities, including the secured loan facility arrangement provided by the Sprott Resource Lending Partnership (the outstanding balance of which amounted to US$4 million as at 22 December 2015).The first US$2 million of the Loan is convertible at the election of Fratelli Investments into new Serabi Ordinary Shares at an exercise price of 3.6 pence per new Serabi Ordinary Share at any time. The remaining amount of the Loan, if drawdown, may be repaid by the Company at its option at any time on or before 30 June 2016. Thereafter, Fratelli Investments will have the right to convert all or part of the remaining amount of the Loan into new Serabi Ordinary Shares at an exercise price of 3.6 pence per new Serabi Ordinary Share at any time. Based on an exchange rate of £1:US$1.50 up to 92,592,593 new Serabi Ordinary Shares may be issued on conversion of the Loan by Fratelli Investments.Fratelli Investments is currently interested in 343,613,166 Serabi Ordinary Shares representing 52.35 per cent. of Serabi’s current issued share capital and accordingly, Fratelli Investments is able to increase its aggregate shareholding in the Company without incurring any obligation under Rule 9 to make a general offer to the Company’s other Shareholders.Related Party TransactionsAIMAs Fratelli Investments is interested in more than 10 per cent. of the issued ordinary share capital of the Company, the Loan is a related party transaction for the purposes of Rule 13 of the AIM Rules. As Eduardo Rosselot and Nicolas Banados, non-executive directors of the Company, are both nominated Board appointees of Fratelli Investments, they are not independent for the purposes of the AIM Rules. For the purposes of the AIM Rules, the Independent Directors, comprising the Board (other than Eduardo Rosselot and Nicolas Banados) consider, having consuLTEd with the Company’s nominated adviser, that the terms of the Loan are fair and reasonable insofar as Shareholders are concerned. The Independent Directors have taken into account in particular that the Loan provides the best short-term funding solution and believe that currently there are no other comparable or acceptable alternative sources of short term funding. The Independent Directors believe that there is sufficient time to refinance the Loan in due course as required.Canadian Securities LawsAs a result of Fratelli Investment’s shareholding interest in Serabi, the Loan is a related party transaction for Serabi under Canadian securities laws pursuant to Multilateral Instrument 61-101 – Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions (“MI 61-101“). In accordance with MI 61-101, Serabi is relying on the exemptions from the requirement to obtain a formal valuation and minority shareholder approval of the Loan on the basis that the board of directors of the Company had determined that the fair market value of the transaction is less than 25% of the market capitalization of the Company. In particular, with the market capitalization of the Company as of 29 December 2015 being approximately US$25.85 million, the fair market value of the Loan represents approximately 19% of the Company’s market capitalization.Enquiries:Copies of this release are available from the Company’s website at the Toronto Stock Exchange, nor any other securities regulatory authority, has approved or disapproved of the contents of this news release.Qualified Persons StatementThe scientific and technical information contained within this announcement has been reviewed and approved by Michael Hodgson, CEO of the Company. Mr Hodgson is an Economic Geologist by training with over 25 years’ experience in the mining industry. He holds a BSc (Hons) Geology, University of London, a MSc Mining Geology, University of Leicester and is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and a Chartered Engineer of the Engineering Council of UK, recognizing him as both a Qualified Person for the purposes of Canadian National Instrument 43-101 and by the AIM Guidance Note on Mining and Oil & Gas Companies dated June 2009.Forward Looking StatementsThis press release contains forward-looking statements. All statements, other than of historical fact, that address activities, events or developments that the Company believes, expects or anticipates will or may occur in the future (including, without limitation, statements regarding the estimation of mineral resources, exploration results, potential mineralization, potential mineral resources and mineral reserves) are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are often identifiable by the use of words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “plan”, may”, “could”, “would”, “might” or “will”, “estimates”, “expect”, “intend”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “forecasts” and similar expressions or variations (including negative variations) of such words and phrases. Forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties, many of differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from current expectations include, among other things, without limitation, failure to establish estimated mineral resources, the possibility that future exploration results will not be consistent with the Company’s expectations, the price of gold or copper and other risks identified in the Company’s most recent annual information form filed with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities on Any forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date on which it is made and, except as may be required by applicable securities laws, the Company disclaims any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statement.
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Serabi Gold Plc ("Serabi" or the "Company") US million convertible loan facility